Estate jewelry is a term used to describe antique jewelry items as well as the latest pre-owned pieces. It includes jewelry sets, vintage wedding rings, pins, brooches, and classic watches etc. set in gold and studded with diamonds, precious gemstones, and uncut stones. There is a huge market for estate jewelry for sale; whether it is a collector who buys these pieces for their antique value, or people who have a passion for olden times, or who admire the traditional designs of old-fashioned jewelry. Whatever may be the reasons; there is an abounding market for such accessories, so you can always find someone who is looking for pieces that you possibly want to sell.

Here are a few things to consider when putting your estate jewelry for sale:

  1. Know your jewelry:

Jewelry has always allowed you to show off your beauty, affluence, and personality. Estate jewelry is the contemporary way of flaunting your wealth. Antique jewelry pieces that were once owned by eminent personalities attract a lot of buyers. If you have inherited such pieces and want to sell them, you should understand what era the jewelry belongs to. Based on the time of its creation, estate jewelry can be divided into Victorian period, the era of Industrial Revolution, Art Deco, Edwardian, Retro jewelry, and Art Nouveau. Each era represents jewelry made with characteristic stones and finishes that can influence the worth of the pieces in the market.

  1. Describe in detail:

When selling your estate jewelry, you need to describe the pieces in detail.  You can use distinct keywords when creating your listing. The more details you include, the more buyers you attract as they feel convinced buying from you. Talking about estate jewelry, the pieces often cost a lot and customers need to be more confident when investing a significant sum in the purchase.

  1. Include images:

Take the description part further by incorporating clear pictures of your estate jewelry. Pictures are particularly important when you are selling pre-owned pieces as the customers watching your item would like to ensure that they notice each aspect of your jewels before confirming the bid, and there is nothing better to assure them of the authenticity of your jewelry than a set of exquisite pictures.

  1. Go online:

If you are looking to sell your estate jewelry, e-commerce jewelry sites are the most popular resource. The online stores combine all kinds of pieces to present the world’s biggest antique jewelry sale. By selling your estate jewelry online, you are listing the pieces at a place where people actively search for this particular type of artifact, so potential customers will effectively and easily connect to you when they come across your listing.

It has become easier to purchase and sell estate jewelry after the introduction of web portals. There are plenty of sites that deal in estate jewelry. With unique and intricate vintage designs, you can easily sell your jewelry online at competitive prices.