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Handloom Saree – Must for Every Saree Lover’s Wardrobe

If you are looking for a place for handloom saree online buy, look no further. We are an exclusive store and wholesalers of Handloom sarees. We select pieces from manufacturers across the nation and bring to your doorstep a handloom experience. These sarees are not your typical glittery sarees which don’t last very long. These …


5 of the Latest Streetwears to Add on Men’s Fashion Wish List

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas once again as everyone gets busy gathering around the clothing shops to observe the trends that are hitting up real soon. Guess everyone is always excited to check out ‘what’s new’ so before the year ends, fashion enthusiasts would start creating new sets of style that can …


Is There Any Career Growth in Fashion Designing?

Designing in any field is related to the world of art and creativity. It’s a talent which is gifted and then refined and polished to bring the unique art pieces and displays mind-blowing creativity. It also includes the mathematical calculations and a part of scientific theory. Well, if it’s a debate on it’s a good …


Branded Handbags – Women’s Favourite Fashion Accessories

Handbags are woman’s best friend. Women always want to wear the latest trends in beautiful accessories and Louenhide is the one stop shop for beautiful Fashion handbags. We have collected handbags that add sparkle to many gorgeous outfits. It’s always a good idea to buy quality branded handbags, because they are durable, and last longer …


5 tips to Buying Designers Bags that Suit your Personality

Designer bags online With so many designer bags launched throughout the year, it is only natural to crave for a new bag every season. Finding the right piece that suits your lifestyle, goes with your personality, and fits in your budget takes a good effort. From satchels to clutches; here are 7 tips to buying …

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Tips on Nature Inspired Jewelry in Nature Inspired Weddings

Weddings are one of the memorable days of your life and you would do anything to make it perfect. But, it requires quite a lot of effort. You plan for a long period of time along with your respective friends and family members to make it happen. Theme wedding is the new concept that people …