Weddings are literally the most joyous kinds of celebrations which everyone looks forward to. People irrespective of any religion or culture, stay extremely excited for this particular event where it brings all your close ones together so as to celebrate the beautiful and auspicious occasion of the couple embarking on this new journey of their lives. Apart from all the fun and frolic that one gets to experience in this particular occasion, everyone stays extremely excited about the kind of attire that they wish to wear for each of the events planned throughout the entire wedding ceremony. Since the time the date of the wedding is decided, everyone gets extremely busy to get hold of some of the trendiest varieties of clothes so as to look their best for all the events lined up throughout this particular occasion.

One such family member who stays the most excited for this auspicious ceremony is the bride’s sister. They play to have a huge role to play in their sister’s weddings and at the same wish to look gorgeous in the most eye-catching attire. They literally start planning on this right from their very childhood days. And in the modern days, options have been increased to a wide extent which can never fail to make your little sister the prettiest on the wedding day. Some of these trendy pieces are-

The Designer Mermaid Lehenga-

This is one of the most top-notch and recent kind of clothing design that has been introduced to the market which can surely make the bride’s sister look beautiful in every possible way. It is quite different from the regular kinds of lehenga that one comes across as it is designed in such a way that it is narrow on the upper portion which becomes wider as it gradually goes down at the bottom. Such a design with a bright colored blouse on top can be the perfect attire for the bride’s sister.


The Lehenga  Styled Pants-

Another popular design which has been introduced in the world of fashion are those gorgeous lehenga styled pants which as the name suggests gives the illusion of a lehenga at first but is actually designed in the form of pants which looks extremely classy and traditional at the same time. Such lehenga styled pants paired with a colorful designer blouse can definitely be the ideal clothing piece for the bride’s sister.

The Off-Shoulder Anarkali-

Instead of opting for those regular sleeve designed anarkalis, the super stylish off-shoulder ones can definitely be the perfect attire for the bride’s sister. One can opt for this kind of design as it is extremely comfortable and does not make one feel heavy at all which otherwise might have been difficult to carry gracefully throughout the entire occasion. Such off-shoulder anarkalis look extremely pretty and can never run out of style.

The Classic Silk Lehengas-

No matter how many new designs are introduced to the market, the classic silk lehengas have a different aura and glamour of their own which can never be replaced by any other attire and can never go wrong in being the perfect wedding dress for the bride’s sister. Such classic silk lehengas look the best when they are worn in the form of a dark combination of colors.

The Floor Length Anarkali Gown-

One of the most stunning pieces that the bride’s sister can opt for the wedding ceremony, is the gorgeous full-length anarkali gown which can never fail to make her look the most glamorous for such an auspicious occasion. These floor length anarkali gowns look the best when they are designed with extremely eye-popping colors along with some unique cuts on the back and sleeves with some classic embroidery designs all over. One should definitely not miss out on such a gorgeous attire.

The Sheer and Cape Designed Blouse and Lehenga-

Out of the many varieties that one finds in lehengas nowadays, such sheer and cape designed one should definitely not be ignored. They can be the most delicate as well as the classiest kind of attire perfect for the evening of the wedding ceremony and can make the bride’s sister totally make a mark of her own with this absolutely stunning attire. This kind of clothing is extremely comfortable because of their sheer and cape designed blouse which can be easier to handle rather than those lehengas coming along with a dupatta which has to be adjusted time and again. Apart from that, the floor-length lehenga at the bottom can make the bride’s sister look the prettiest.

The Asymmetrical Kurta with Double Layering at the Bottom-

If the bride’s sister wants to go slightly different from the regular varieties of kurta designs, then these asymmetrical ones are literally the best one that should definitely opt for wearing. It is the most elegant kind of clothing which can surely make the bride’s sister look drop-dead gorgeous. The asymmetrical design and the unique layering at the bottom along with a stunning dupatta kept on one side of the shoulder can never go wrong in being that perfect attire for the bride’s sister.

The Rajasthani Styled Lehengas-

One of the most perfect tradition form lehengas are the Rajasthani designed ones. With the authentic designs of this particular locale being beautifully spread out all over the piece with the right choice of colors, such Rajasthani styled lehengas can look extremely gorgeous on the bride’s sister and is something which can look good on anyone irrespective of the kind of figure they have.

The Gorgeous Sharara Suit-

A style which is especially inspired from the era of the Mughals, the sharara suits are literally the most gorgeous attires existing in the world of fashion and can be perfect for the bride’s sister. One should go for bright colors if they choose to wear this particular attire because the more they play with colors, the brighter and more elegant it will look.

The Fusion Saree-

Sarees can never go wrong for such kinds of occasions and in today’s world, people have been introduced to one such unique variety of saree that is the fusion which can make the bride’s sister look the most stylish and stunning at the same time. The fusion sarees are extremely comfortable as they are the perfect combination of a saree as well as a salwar kurta at the same time which makes them very easy to be carried gracefully all throughout the occasion.

Aarushi Raj Gupta is an enthusiastic Wedding Planner and Blogger from India. She has written for many Indian wedding blogs. You can check out her website here