Description: Your kid is your priority, of course! But, does that mean you will leave yourself behind? Will motherhood stop you from being as stylish as before? If you are a new mom, here are 10 tips that will help you be yourself while being an awesome mother.

Motherhood brings about a lot of changes, not all of them are good, but it’s an experience of a kind. Some things will bother you, mostly the physical changes. However, the best postpartum belly wrap is going to be your savior in such a situation. Keeping the rough things aside, becoming a mother helps you explore a new facet of yourself. But remember, it’s not entirely who you are. You are a woman who doesn’t live just for her baby and her family, but for herself too. You still can remain to be your stylish self who is as much in love with herself like before. From an elegant woman, convert yourself into a stylish mom.

If you are wondering how to look stylish, here are 10 tips that you must always remember:

Accept yourself first: Your body has changed, but your soul remains the same. Pregnancy does change your body, and there is no point being sad about it. Your pre-baby body will take time to come back. So, it’s better to accept this new figure. The moment you accept this new change, your persona will radiate confidence. And confidence is stylish. Isn’t it?

Take Care of Your Skin: Being stylish isn’t all about wearing clothes, it’s also about taking care of your skin. Follow a proper skincare routine and keep yourself hydrated.

Keep the Basics: There are some stylish wardrobe staples that you must buy. Since you are a new mom with less time to choose your OOTD, it will save you time without hampering your overall look. Just pick them out of your wardrobe and rock your day in style!

There is No Occasion for Shopping: You go to the mall to buy a stylish dress for yourself, and you won’t find it. But, when you randomly go to the mall for non-shopping purposes, you will find the most stylish dress. Jinx?
Here is a tip. Buy it as soon as you find it. Don’t wait for an occasion. Just buy it right away!


Try New Hairstyles: No matter what you are wearing, all your stylish mom clothes will be in vain if your hair is not given enough attention. Your hair is your crown. Style them in new ways. It will also give a new look to your outfit and your face.

Have Fun with Your Outfits: Remember those old stylish ideas that you had in your mind, but never really implemented them? Now is the time when you create those stylish looks. It will be fun to see yourself in a new style.

Learn how to accessorize: Entering the motherhood stage makes you more about your little one and less for yourself. How about keeping some nice and stylish accessories that will elevate your look. If you rate your look 3/10, a right accessory can help you make it 10/10.

Stylish mom - stylish daughter

Right Shoes: As wearing heels is out of scope, make sure you buy a pair of neutral and comfortable pair of footwear. It ought to be stylish and good-to-go with most of your clothes.

Simple Makeup: Those times are gone when putting on makeup meant to look rouge and peach. Put simple makeup that looks natural. Or nude makeup, as they say.

No Guilt for Self Love: Giving yourself some time, and being a stylish mom doesn’t make you less of a good mom. Love yourself, be happy because that’s the only way you can make your kids happy.

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips. Stay Stylish, Stay Awesome!