Destination weddings have become a new age trend for couples who desire to celebrate their love in the most unique way possible. A destination wedding can take place anywhere in the world – mountain tops, beaches, cruises, islands, and so on. The reasons which propel couples towards having a destination wedding are manifold. While some find it affordable – in which only close family and friends attend the event – others just find the appeal too hard to resist. Whatever may be the reason, the popularity of destination weddings is only growing stronger with each passing day.

Naturally, organizing a destination wedding is different from organizing a one closer to home. Read through the following tips to get a better understanding on starting the preparations.

  1. Get A Wedding Planner – The more exotic and expensive the location, the more crucial it is to have an expert wedding planner. Couples should research well before choosing the best wedding planner in India. It is important to hire those who carry considerable amount of experience in planning destination weddings. Their knowledge about a location and its hotels, vendors, etc. can prove tremendously valuable. Things will automatically fall into place when that best wedding planner in India is there to manage things, at every step of the way.
  2. Negotiate Prices For Wedding Packages – While selecting a wedding package, couples need to stay realistic about the total cost and stick to their budget no matter how tempting the offer may sound. One good idea could be to ask the service provider to allow for a few “wedding add-ons” for marrying couple.
  3. Be Considerate Towards The Guests – Though couples are absolved of the responsibility of bearing their guests’ travelling costs, but there still are a certain number of things to consider while inviting them. For instance, detailed travelling instructions should be provided to them, preferably in the wedding invites. Travelling arrangements could also be made. Couples have also been seen to forgo gift registries as they realize their guests’ travelling expenses.
  4. Research The Weather Conditions – Couples wishing for a romantic sunset or a beach wedding should consider researching the weather conditions during the preferred months. It’s always a wise idea to be flexible when it comes to selecting locations as well as the wedding months.
  1. Pack Things That Are Easy To Carry – Wedding packing can prove quite tricky. Couples should bring things that are easier to pack in suitcases and carry bags. Couples can request their guests to not bring any gifts as bringing them back home can become challenging.

Couples are increasingly seeking professional services of wedding planners in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and in other metropolitan cities. These wedding coordinators can assist couples through all the above mentioned stages and more by sharing their expert ideas and guidance. Wedding planners in Mumbai especially have a knack for arranging superb destination weddings for celebrities and are an excellent choice for those who desire to replicate a favorite Bollywood-style wedding.

In the end, sit back, relax and enjoy the moments as they pass by. Since a wedding is for a lifetime, it’s important to enjoy while it lasts.