For people who are crazy about makeup and like experimenting with their looks or hair, regular purchases can get hard on pockets. The same applies to skincare products or perfumes etc. Moreover, there are so many amazing product launches every month that it is impossible to keep up. Someone who wants to try out these products might hesitate for two reasons. First, because it is too expensive to buy these products for just trying them out and second you don’t want to be heartbroken if the product is not good, after spending a lot. The best solution to know if a product is worth the cash is to try their samples and yet better what if you could get free samples.

These methods don’t require you to be a scientist. The only thing one needs to do is try out the tips suggested below:

Try the Sampling Programs at Departmental Stores: There are many departmental stores that offer free samples. You can just check out the stores occasionally and grab free samples to take them back to home. Keep a track of product launches because when there is a product launch, there are great chances that they are giving away free samples to promote their product.

Free Makeup Samples from the Beauty Stores: Not many people know this, but your favourite store can sometimes surprise you with free samples on being asked. Just ask the salesperson if you can get some free samples to try. Many stores keep samples in advance, so you might get lucky.

Partake in Test Groups: Many cosmetic giants hold product test groups where you can test their product and give your opinions. There is a short survey followed by the test. Most of the times they giveaway the full product after the test gets over.

Get free samples on online shopping: A lot of websites provide such luring offers to attract customers and increase their sales. It is also a strategy to promote their newly launched products or encourage online shopping among other reasons. After a said amount of shopping, you get free samples with your order. Also, some websites offer to send you samples at a nominal price.

Writing to Companies for Free Samples: This one is the least known of all, but also the easiest of all. Companies manufacture a lot of free samples along with the full-sized products for promotion etc. All you need to do is go to the website of your favorite company or check the back cover of any of their products and find their email ID’s. All you need to do is to write a humble email to the customer care and appreciate them for their product lines and any other quality you admire or effects that you have experienced after using their product. Then modestly ask if you could get free samples just to try if the product suits you. Some companies might not reply in affirmative, but some companies are generous enough to give free samples.

Overall, there are many ways to get free makeup samples or samples for cosmetics, perfumes, and food products. Anyone can try out these methods as per convenience and be surprised with the outcome. It would be a gift to yourself and you surely deserve it.

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