Whether it is a huge enterprise which is in the business for many years or a start-up, sending out samples can grab a lot of attention of the shoppers. However, a company is always a little grudged when it comes to give away free samples or demonstrations of the product or service. As there is no assurance that you get a positive return on your investment.

Whereas if we look at it the other way around the situation is same in any other form of marketing. This type of advertisement is known as promotional advertisement which is all about raising awareness and affiliating your brand with generosity.

There are many sites which give out free makeup samples to its customers.

However, free samples can also work and given positive feedback if given out thoughtfully. So here we’ve compiled some benefits of distributing free makeup samples.

1 Raise cognizance

This helps in both situation either a new brand has launched in the market or a recognized firm has launched a new product in the market. As in both conditions the consumers are unaware about the product it hence, raises awareness amongst them. Once they get to know the product, it starts to make sense to what you sell.

2 Shows brands magnanimity

When a firm distributes free samples, it shows that how generous they are towards their customers. When free samples are given out without any strings attached, the company never expects a feedback of a future purchase. However, they just trust the consumers to use the product and judge it for themselves.

3 Gets reviews and feedback

It is obvious that the firm might not expect any feedback, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any feedback. The firm is likely to get online feedbacks or if the samples are distributed in person then there is a chance of getting a face to face feedback. Hence, you can put the positive feedbacks in the companies reviews column to improve awareness.

4 Checks the potential customer

Giving out free samples is a marvelous way to see the response for a new product before it goes out in vast production in the market. It helps you in knowing the preferences of the customers. If you get a great feedback from your target audience, then you go ahead with a bulk production as per the demand.

5 Make shoppers feel more optimistic

When a firm launches a new product or when a start-up firm comes up with a new product, the customer is unaware about the product. Zillions of questions come to their mind, that what is the product, how to use it or what are the benefits of the product and many more. By distributing free samples of a new product, the customer gets to know that how the product works and feels. Which therefore brings in a confidence within the customer regarding the product.

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