Do you like to have a classy personality? Are you trying to find that one element that will just satisfy your hunger to look good?

Well, it is no surprise that everybody these days wants to come across different than others in many ways be it clothes, lifestyle or anything else and the primary way to do that is by being unique in how you look.

However, it is important to know that the way you look isn’t completely about your clothes, how you smell is what actually makes you stand apart from the whole crowd. Choosing the right fragrance is as crucial as choosing your clothes.

As you know the Middle-East market has always been a huge fan of ajmal perfumes and there are some of the best world fragrances that came out of this region. Dubai one of the major fashion destinations also has its taste in perfumes that you must be aware of.

Best Attar in Dubai

Therefore, here are 6 best Arabic perfumes in Dubai:

  1. Mukkallat al-Shams

Do you like fragrances that are strong by nature? If you do then you definitely need to get yourself Mukkallat al-Shams. This Arabic perfume is blended with woody-floral fragrance along with rose and sandalwood. Although it has comparatively lighter smell than the other two Mukkallat scents and gives a semi-sweet aroma.

This fragrance type has been one of the top selling perfumes in the markets of Dubai than all other Oud perfumes. It is a unisex scent which is a preferred choice mostly among those who love oriental fragrances.

  • Atifa

This fruity scent is prepared with some of the spicy ingredients like nutmeg, cumin, black pepper, and rose. In addition to this, it consists of sandalwood and vanilla on the base. It is suitable for both adults and kids and to all genders.

If you want to purchase a bottle of Atifa you can go through a variety of discount perfumewebsites that provides these fragrances. One such online store is Ajmal Perfumes which is dedicated to perfumes. Not just this you can also save on online shopping with the help of Ajmal perfumes offers from the website.

  • Creed Royal Oud

If you like to compliment yourself by wearing an Oud perfume then you should try Creed Royal Oud which is one of the best Oud perfume in the world. This perfume set is prepared with a mixture of wood, leather, gold, and marble with agarwood on the base.

 The creed royal Oud Eau de Parfum gives out an exotic, earthy and sensual fragrance which makes it a fashionable choice for men. The origination of this scent is inspired by the Persian royal palace.

  • Santal Blush by Tom Ford

Santal Blush is a strong fruity and commonly used perfume over the past few years. It is a blend of spicy wood, creamy sandalwood with intoxicating floral and eastern spices giving it a masculine smell which is a trending choice.

Fresh scentslike Santal Blush will keep you and your aura refreshed. Perfumes are more than just an accessory. There will be certain scents that will suit you more than others as perfumes are very close to a person’s personality.

  • Oud Malaki for Men

Out of many Arabic perfumes in Dubai Oud Malaki is the scent that adds elegance to your persona. It is a very popular choice among young men. These perfumes are made with the use of grapefruit in a heavy amount which is further merged with the distinctive smell of lavender and Artemisia.

Also today due to growth in e-commerce market you can get these perfumes from stores like Arabian Oudanytime you want in just a click. These sites also provide customers with benefits like Arabian Oud Coupons which help them to buy any of the desired perfume or any other product within their budget.

  • Arabian Knight

Whenever Arabic perfumes are mentioned there is no way Arabian knight perfumeisn’t a part of it.  It is one of the richest Arabian fragrances that are a frequent choice among the people of Dubai who like to wear strong perfumes.

As the name of this perfume suggests it is obtained from a mixture of flower, jasmine, and cinnamon with Cedarwood, vanilla, and amber on the base to come out with a smell that parallels the character of an Arabian knight.

Conclusion In the span of 5 to 6 years people have gained more knowledge about the significance of little things like perfumes which basically is a result of e-commerce that has extended its reach to almost every corner of the world including Dubai. Dubai perfume online shopping has become more of a trend now. There are countless options to make a pick from. Since availability of these perfumes has become easier you can go through the above perfume types that are famous in Dubai.