Handbags are woman’s best friend. Women always want to wear the latest trends in beautiful accessories and Louenhide is the one stop shop for beautiful Fashion handbags. We have collected handbags that add sparkle to many gorgeous outfits. It’s always a good idea to buy quality branded handbags, because they are durable, and last longer across more than one season.

If you are a true handbag lover, there are a few types of bags ideal for your wardrobe. In this post, we are suggesting some of the most popular types of handbag styles that a versatile and perfect for the independent woman.

1. Hobo Handbag

The Hobo bag is basically characterized by its crescent shape and perfect relaxed look. It has a shoulder strap designed to make it easy to carry for a long time. It has plenty of space to keep your all necessities in a stylish manner. Hobo Handbag is a great addition to a purse collection for any woman. It is perfect for the ladies who spend a lot of time traveling.

2. Tote Handbags

The Tote Handbag is a large bag. It has several compartments with various zippers that carry the essentials easily. The Tote bag is both convenient and practical. A girl can take this bag anywhere. This bag is durable and versatile in nature. This can be used as the shopping bag, work bag, gym bag, and overnight bag, beach bag, school bag, laptop bag and much more.

3. Satchel Handbag

The Satchel handbag is designed in such a manner that it can be used during the day as well as in the evening. This bag has one long shoulder strap that can be worn across the body and gives a great casual stylish look when carried on one shoulder. The women on the move prefer satchel bags because they need to move quickly to and from work or quickly to collect the children from school.

4. Clutch Handbag

It is generally a small bag perfect for the evening. The Clutch handbag adds more grace and looks in the overall style. This is perfect for an evening party and adds more glam when carried with a gown. This handbag is considered perfect for a dinner date or formal occasions like weddings.

There might be various online stores in Australia offering you a variety of handbags, but Louenhide has its own exclusive collection of designer handbags for women. If you are looking for a Fashion handbag, Louenhide has all of the above styles: Hobo Handbags, Tote Handbags, Clutch Handbags, and Satchel styles to go.

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