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How to Choose the Best Dress Alteration Service, the Provider?

Are you looking for the best dress alteration service provider? Choosing a tailor is a quite cumbersome task for altering your dresses. It is one of the personal decisions, so you have to consider many numbers of factors while hiring a tailor. Remember, your tailor must have the ability to alter your dress as per …


5 tips to Buying Designers Bags that Suit your Personality

Designer bags online With so many designer bags launched throughout the year, it is only natural to crave for a new bag every season. Finding the right piece that suits your lifestyle, goes with your personality, and fits in your budget takes a good effort. From satchels to clutches; here are 7 tips to buying …

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Tips on Nature Inspired Jewelry in Nature Inspired Weddings

Weddings are one of the memorable days of your life and you would do anything to make it perfect. But, it requires quite a lot of effort. You plan for a long period of time along with your respective friends and family members to make it happen. Theme wedding is the new concept that people …


Things to Consider while Purchasing a Wallet – a Beautiful Personal Accessory

A wallet with multiple pockets for ID cards, keys and essentials could be categorised as one of the most essential accessories for women. Consider instances such as travelling and shopping, when your wallet plays a significant role.  Since your wallet is your safe-house for essentials, you need to be very specific about its size, pockets, …


4 things you should keep in Mind while doing online Shopping

Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology that have taken place at a breakneck pace, online shopping has gone from being a niche activity only practiced by elites to becoming a common practice that is now the new norm. There are a lot of reasons why this has happened, ranging from the wide number of …


3 Things You Should Keep In Mind before Shopping for Clothes Online

It was only a few years ago, that ‘shopping’ was referred to as getting dressed up, taking out the car and heading to a nearby mall or locality to buy the latest collection of clothes, accessories, shoes, home products and what not. Whenever there’d be an annual sale, crowds of people would throng to these …