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Why is Antique Jewelry A Preferred Choice for You?

There are various kinds of jewelries to accessorize an individual. If you wish to wear casual attire, you can choose some casual jewelry but for an elegant and posh party, you need antique jewelry. One cannot imagine a fancy night in the town without wearing something extravagant and sophisticated. It is such an accessory which …


Antique or Vintage: Which engagement ring should you buy?

Many couples choose to buy engagement rings which have legacy attached to them. The main concern which arises while buying such a ring is to understand what is what. Whether a Victorian ring is same as an antique ring? Or is it a vintage ring? These are a few questions which may arise while you …


The Difference between Antique, Vintage & Estate Jewelry

Vintage, estate and antique jewelry are terms that are often used interchangeably by most people who don’t know the difference between them. Essentially, all these kinds of jewelry have one thing in common; they all belong to the bygone era. However, the age of each kind of jewelry clearly demarcates it between vintage, estate and …


Top 5 vintage engagement rings for the One-of-a-Kind Bride

Engagement is the most important day in one’s life and to witness this bond, couple exchange their rings and makes the moment memorable. Everyone gets so excited when it comes to select the best engagement ring and when it comes to the best than nothing is better than vintage engagement rings. Here are 5 Best …


Teens are showing their Prom Dresses – Which prom dress do you find the funniest?

Shopping online has many advantages. You can basically find whatever you want, you don’t have to go out to discover it, and someone will definitely deliver it to your entryway. Shopping truly couldn’t be any more helpful. Unless you decide to purchase your prom dress online that is. What looks great on the web doesn’t …