A sophisticated, alluring wedding gown is the best way to look remarkably stylish on your wedding day. But just because you want something elegant and alluring doesn’t mean that you have to go for traditional, monotonous gowns. Designers are now creating edgy looks, which are unique and contemporary, but elegant and graceful enough to add charisma to your personality. For the start of your fairy-tale romance, try these edgy and elegant wedding gowns.

If you want something edgy, opt for short and sassy dresses. These dresses instantly increase edginess levels up a notch. And they still ensure that you are the charmer in the room. Look for banded bubble hemline if you want to focus on your toned calves and legs. Experiment with ruffled, drawstring detailing and a straight cut if you aren’t too fond of figure hugging dresses. Pair these dresses with pumps or peep-toes.

An inspiration from spring can be one of the most elegant, but edgy ways of giving your wedding dress a unique look. For these dresses, you can easily go ahead and keep the outfit base as the beautiful white while experimenting with colourful, floral designs. For instance, a lace detailed, sweet-heart neckline gown with blue floral detailing on the skirt is the best way to welcome spring at your wedding. While it is glamorous and traditionally inspiration, such a gown still reflects modernity and unique style.

A personal favourite for many edgy gown lovers is the honeymoon destinations’ themed gown! Well yeah, that’s a thing! Your honeymoon destination is subtly focused on the wedding dress. For instance, if you are going to the Caribbean, you can get a customized gown that has lining for the bikini or one-piece portion and lace detailing for the rest of the gown. That will be a reflection that your honeymoon destination is a beach. But if you want something bolder, go for flags. Details of flag colours of the country you are going to visit can be easily amalgamated with the skirt section of your gown. This will certainly add a level of quirkiness to your style.

Otherwise, leather detailing can give enough edginess to bridal wear. An ivory or lightly brown gown with lace detailing along with a blend of leather belts or neckline and accessorized design will give you a unique look for the wedding. You wouldn’t even need extra accessories with a gown like that!

Monotone contrast is another edgy way to look stylish for your wedding day. Instead of a usual white gown, go for something that combines black and white. Ruffles may black or the lace detailing is given black colour for the absolute contrast. Make sure that your peep toes or pumps for the wedding are monotone as well for a harmonized look.

Golden is one of the best ways to go edgy without going overboard. An entire gown in golden colour, with floral detailing on the neckline and a darker belt can give stunning appeal. Otherwise, you can go for a coloured gown, such as a black gown with golden detail. If you choose to go for white, opt for a gown that has stark golden tone for that perfect contrast.

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