“Fashion fades…style is eternal!!” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

We all take a look at the luxury fashion trends that come up every season to make sure that we are up to date with the same.

And, then we look at them again because out of those many, there are only a few which you’d remember. However, do you know what kind of fashion trends that you should be away from?

Being a professional in addition to being the fashionable that you are, it should be your bounded responsibility to keep your fashion quotient as the holy grail. Fashion trends to stay away from you say, right? Being a fashionable professional, not all fashion trends are that bad – are they?

Every fashion trend is great, good, not-so-bad, bad and really bad for different people, but when you add the workaholic clause in that, the fashion trends are either super or huge mistakes. Hence, the following are some of the fashion trends that are a big mistake for your fashion quotient when you’re at work.

Slogan t-shirts: If you would have paid attention, there was a trend in a fashion where bold slogans or weird quotes were seen on the t-shirts. For example, “I am not weird, I am limited edition” and many others. They are a big No-No at your workplace. You can wear solid t-shirts or practically polo t-shirts by Ralph Lauren or any other brand that you like in order to be the one and the only smart, sophisticated and super dapper man at work.

The fancy appeal of the polo t-shirts is so that whether or not, you look prepped for both party and work without trying too hard.

Platform sneaker shoes: Why would one need to wear platform sneaker in the first place? Well, you might just say – platform sneakers are all about increasing your height as well as save yourself from hurting your feet. However, who on earth prefers to wear Platform Sneakers to work? The affection for the first designer shoes is so unadulterated and when you include another layer of stage heel to it, it is difficult to comprehend the structure. Let’s face the fact that people at work are really bad and they’ll judge you.

For what reason would someone need to destroy such workmanship (sneakers) and add heels to them? You can wear them on Halloween with your ensemble, yet save the loathsomeness and have designer shoes that are smart and elegant.

Leisurewear or the tracksuits: We all love how the tracksuits and the athleisure outfits make you feel, right? You can practically wear them anywhere that you want to without thinking too much. How many of you love wearing athleisure? I am sure many of you would readily say yes to that. But, have you ever worn these to work before? The idea is completely vintage without a doubt and you must NOT invest in this for your workplace. Those smooth textures and the chime base legs, they are so misrepresented at this point.

The term athleisure is definitely a trendy thing these days but then the term itself talks about leisure which in no case is meant for work purposes. What, you’ve turned up at work straight from the running track? Well, not. So stop wearing them to your office.

Trucker Hats: The Trucker Hats are the perfect accessory to have when you think of watching a game with your best buddies. You would hardly see them on the runway though, but are absolutely the best thing that you could have when you want no or minimal sun-tan out in the open. There are so many high-end brands go ahead and manufacture these but does that make them worthy to be worn to work? Absolutely NOT!! I wore them to work one day but that was the Sports Retreat Day at work and they looked perfect. Apart from that, you mustn’t wear them, they’re hazardous for your style quotient.

Wide shoulder suits: To start with – why would you want to an oversized suit to work in the first place? You are not Lady Gaga or going who is known for her outfits right? The wide shoulder suits are something that isn’t made for work. The trend of loose suits has gone been gone and thinking about them right now and actually executing the plan is a big mistake which we’re trying that you don‘t fall for. They make you look wide or if not expansive, they’ll hold tight your like garments held tight a holder.

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Huge and striking printed tees: We have already talked about slogan or t-shirts with quotes but have you ever tried thinking about wearing something and Ed & Hardy-kind-of t-shirts to work? This would be a health hazard for your fashion statement. I as of late observed a couple of men who were brandishing colossal prints yet this isn’t hep in this season. Avoid strong prints and keep a mind milder, unobtrusive ones that make you look great past your garments.

Which trend do you hate the most? Do let us know in the comments below.