It was back in the 19th century that Georgette was first introduced in India by an innovative French dressmaker called Madame Georgette de la Plante. In British India, Georgette was mainly used for making the dinner gowns for British women. But soon enough, this fabric was available to the common masses.

The Indian women have been in love with georgette, ever since this fabric was employed to weave sarees. It has a flowy texture and looks super-chic on any women.

More on the Georgette Fabric

Knowing Georgette Fabric, a Bit more is one of the first things to do before buying a georgette saree.

  • There are two main subcategories of georgette, which are pure georgette and faux georgette.
  • This fabric has a crumpled texture that looks and feels lightweight.
  • Georgette is either translucent or opaque.
  • The pure georgette is woven from silk threads whereas the faux georgette is weaved from the threads of polyester or other synthetic materials.

Lastest Saree Fashion in Georgette Sarees

If you are a lover of georgette, here are some of the latest types of georgette sarees that you can add to your wardrobe to give it a fashion update.

Latest Designer Saree in Pure Georgette Fabric

This drape in pure georgette is pure bliss to behold. The pink shade of this soft saree is punctuated with stonework and occasional embellishment. It is perhaps the perfect saree for a cocktail party in the summer time.

Sea-Green Saree in Nylon Georgette

This colour is one of the most charming georgette sarees in the latest design. The colours blue and green play a medley on the canvas of this saree. This drape is made from blending the fabrics of nylon and georgette. Both are light fabrics that give this sea-green saree a sheer texture.

Black Georgette Saree with Sequin Border

A plain body with a detailed pallu is one of the latest saree fashions that has taken over the ethnic fashion globe. This georgette saree in black is a must buy. The get black saree with sequin of the same colour is mesmerizing. It is one of the classiest sarees and must be worn with a designer blouse to attain an ethereal look.

Yellow Saree in Satin Georgette

Indulge yourself in satin-comfort with this lemon-yellow saree in satin-georgette. Bright yellow is the colour of joy and vibrancy. This shade renders life to everything it touches. If you want to be the life of the party and flaunt your cheerful persona, this saree in lime-yellow with minimal embellishment will suit you exceedingly.

Floral Printed Georgette Sarees

This trend started back in the 1980s and till date is one of the Indian woman’s favourite. And there is a very good reason for the floral printed georgette still being in trend. These sarees are beautiful in themselves and can make any woman look feminine, elegant, and graceful. However, you will have ample of options in this gamut. Select the colour and floral print with some reservations.

Take into consideration what suits you, instead of what you like to see. Also, if you are a curvy woman, we advise you to avoid the larger prints and settle for pretty little flowers all over the body of the saree.

Animal Printed Georgette Saree

Want to look smoking hot? Wear this latest saree fashion and look like a diva! There are many types of animal prints that are available. But the most popular ones are tiger print, leopard print, and snake-skin print georgette sarees.

These sarees look best with matching blouse, or you can as well make one backless black blouse that goes with all. Keep accessorizing to the minimum and carry yourself in style when you wear an animal print chiffon saree.