As the name suggests, a sports bra is typically worn while playing a sport or indulging in a workout session. And, undoubtedly, a supportive sports bra is amongst the most important pieces a woman can have in her sportswear kit, which is why getting your hands on that ‘perfect’ fit is extremely important. Choosing the right size is also essential for every woman as the wrong pick can not only result in breast pain but also damage the soft tissues. However, you may feel that finding the right sports bra is no less than searching for a soulmate. You are aware that a right fit exists for you but before you get your hands on that right one, you probably have to go through some underachievers. One sports bra might not give you enough breathing room, while another would just give up under pressure. So, in order to avoid discomfort, it is important to match support from the sports bra with the kind of activity you are indulging in.

Now that we are aware of the basic concept behind the importance of choosing the perfect sports bra, let us move to another important question, which is how exactly we can choose the right one. Fundamentally, sports bras are designed in such a way that they provide three levels of support i.e. high, medium and low in corresponding types of sports. So, the apt sports bra is sure to leave you completely comfortable during the workout, apart from boosting your confidence, in turn improving the overall outcome. Based on your favourite sports activity, below are some pointers, which you need to consider for choosing that ‘perfect’ type for yourself:

Cycling – Whether it is cycling on a smooth road, mountains or the tracks, a sports brassiere that is quite wide at the back is simply perfect. This is because if the straps are too close to your neck, they can strain your shoulders while you are in a riding position. Make sure the fabric of the bra is moisture-wicking if you are wearing it while indulging in stationary cycling. Meanwhile, if you happen to cycle outdoors in colder regions, make sure the sports bra comes with extra padding.

Running – As running is a high-impact sports activity, the sports bra also needs to offer a high level of support to the breasts. Choose an ultra-smooth bra and be extra attentive to the seams and stitching. Make sure that the bra should not irritate your skin in the long ‘run’. For those having A or B cup size, it is best to opt for compression bras, while women having C or above should pay special attention to the cup sizing. The fabric should be moisture-wicking and straps should have proper cushioning so as to avoid any stress to the shoulder blades.

Yoga and Pilates – Yoga and Pilates are both low-impact activities. However, as these activities involve stretching and bending in high amounts, a flexible sports bra is of utmost importance. Make sure that the bra is designed in such a way that it offers a poke-free experience even while you lie down.

Cardio and dance – If you are searching for a sports bra for gym, make sure that it is highly comfortable and offers medium-to-high support; ensure that the bra isn’t too tight either. You need to look out for a piece that is absolutely secure on your body but can also move freely. Also, make certain that the bottom band is not too tight or loose; it should fit perfectly. Moreover, if you are working indoors, buy a sports bra that comes with areas of mesh for adequate ventilation.

Boxing – For boxing being a contact sport, you need to choose a bra which comes with proper padding so as to avoid any damage to your breast tissue. This way, you will also be able to focus on your game properly without worrying about any injury.

High-impact sports – High-impact sports like volleyball, basketball and soccer require a sports bra which is extremely supportive. Also, while purchasing a bra, especially for wearing while playing these types of sports, focus on its band as you need to ensure that it stays put while you play. In addition, you need to make sure that the bra is able to keep you sweat-free.

Tennis – If you are a tennis player, opt for a sports bra that offers a bit of reinforcement, such as padded cups. This is because playing such games involves short-term motions and having reinforcement offers proper support during side-to-side mobility, thereby making you feel at ease. Flexible and comfortable straps are a must!

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Gymnastics and Cheerleading – There is a host of sports bras for girlsopting for gymnastics and cheerleading, which make them feel comfortable and at ease. Gymnastics involve the highest vertical impact forces, which is why a sports bra that is able to support these active jolts is the apt choice. Moreover, if you have a C or D cup size, pick that compression-style brassiere and the one that is encapsulated.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect sports bra is not rocket science at all, but you really need to be aware of your basic size. As each body is different in its proportions and is involved in different activities, you might require extra fine-tuning by making use of adjustable straps as well as back closures. You might also need to try out different styles and brands until you find the right one for your body. A sports bra is to make your breasts feel supported, comfortable and secured. Hence, finding the apt size is of utmost importance!