There are basically 4 types of female body shape- rectangle (athletic shaped), pear (triangle shape), apple (inverted triangle), and hourglass (curvy shape). What most women do is focus only on covering the areas we are less secure about like tummy, thighs or arms etc. We tend to ignore our waist and shoulders which also define our body shape.

IHow do we know which shape category we belong to?

To know that you can find several body shape calculating apps or websites to guide you smoothly. But first, you need to do your own measurements. Two ways to do that –

  • Measure with normal cloth tape (shoulder, bust, waist, and hip).
  • Closely observe the outline of your body starting from shoulders to hip. Keep your legs close to each other and arms away from your body. Compare the reference image of different body types to your mirror image.

Coming to the point, there can be guidelines and maybe outfits to avoid for each body type. Here are a few pointers for each type that can help you choose the right clothing.

For Rectangle (athletic shaped body)

This structure is also called an athletic shaped body due to its illustration of a strong, muscular, straight up and down side feature.


  • Focus on adding more volume to create a curvy illusion
  • If you are wearing a fitted top, opt for a more breezy bottom and vice versa
  • Your outline should always look neat. Try to opt for more feminine attire.
  • Try to cinch your waist by wearing a belt along with a dress to highlight it.
  • A wrap dress, crop tops or peplum tops can enhance your look giving more definition to your waist.
  • For bottoms go for boot cut or flared jeans. These are quite in trend lately.

What to avoid

  • Straight outfits from top to bottom. Will add on to your shape and look clumsy.
  • Uncluttered silhouette
  • Ditch any loosely fitted outfits

For Pear (triangle shape)

Your lower part of the body counting waist, hips and thighs are wider than your upper portion counting bust and shoulders.


  • Balance out your upper and lower half to create a visual look of a broader shoulder.
  • Off shoulder dresses or tops paired with flared or A-line skirts or pants can do the magic.
  • Also, strappy tops can divert attention to the neckline.
  • Experiment with patterns and colors on the top making it look fuller and bottom narrower.
  • Accessorize shoulder with scarves or neck pieces to create a balance of your shape. 
  • Wear the right bra to enhance your bust.

What to Avoid 

  • Tight pants or any bottoms narrowing your legs.
  • Culottes or wide legged pants. 
  • Short skirts, pencil skirts, and Capri pants
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For Apple (Inverted Triangle shape)

A well proportionate body shape! An apple body shape has wider shoulders than the hips and may not have a well-defined waistline.


  • Since your lower body is thin you can go for maxi skirts and wide-legged pants to put out a fuller bottom.
  • For tops, you can wear simple, flowy and relaxed to fit your frame.
  • V necks can add some drama to your bust helping deviate attention from your waist.
  • Dresses can be your ultimate charming outfit. Go for old navy dresses, a very classic color having a plunging V neck, flattering your bosom.
  • Keep everything plain above the bust and below your hip line.

What to Avoid

  • Both top and bottom should not be loose outfits.
  • Short skirts above the knee
  • High-waist trousers or any volume around the wider area like the bust, hip or tummy.
  • Dresses that includes elastic around the waist.

The Hourglass (Curvy Shape)

Considered to be the most desired body shape type among all; blessed you are if you have one. An hourglass as it looks like is curvy with a neat waist outline.


  • You have the most feminine shape. Show it off in body-hugging clothes. Fitted breathable gym apparel or skinny jeans will neatly define your curves. (Depends on your comfort as well)
  • V neck or anything that draws attention to your neckline.
  • Tailor fit your clothes to highlight your well-balanced figure.
  • Flaunt your waistline by wearing a belt with dresses.
  • Wear a well-fitted bra that helps your bust look upright.

What to Avoid

  • Straight shaped clothing.
  • Clumsy outfits that look voluminous.
  • A high neck and boxy jackets

No matter what shape you are, the trick lies in creating an illusion of a balanced shape and knowing what clothing would flatter your body shape the most. A right fitted cloth in accordance with one’s body shape enhances the overall look. Fashion is about confidence mostly. But we cannot discard the relevance of clothing according to one’s body type.A