So, finally, he has popped up the question and you have said ‘Yes.’ Now is the time to look for details and shop for a beautiful wedding dress. But what kind of dress should you have, what’s the style that will look the best on you? What is it that will accentuate your best assets? What will be more complementing for the tux or outfit that your fiancée will be wearing? There are so many questions that will go through your mind when you are selecting between different wedding dresses. So, choose one based on this guide.

Here are some of the most popular styles that you can try!


Also known as the Princess cut, this style is simple and classic. It is a subtle way of telling the world that you are nothing less than a Princess. The full length or large train can be added with free-flowing silks or heavier fabrics (even Princess Catherine wore it for her wedding). Clean lines make it a great option for those who have rounder lower body. It also elongates the frame and creates a slimming effect.


Unique, raised waistline makes it perfect for the day when you have wedding photographers running around you, capturing from all angles. The waistline sits just below the bust and the rest of the outfit flows down. Plus, they are usually made from lighter fabrics, which adds to their romantic feel. Go ahead, opt for the empire dress if you want something flattering for your upper body. It is even ideal for pear-shaped women.

Ball Gown

Brides look absolutely gorgeous in Ball Gowns. There is something so elegant about this style. Fitted bodice and full skirt, with dramatic train adds to the ‘wow’ factor of these dresses. Anything from chiffon to satin can be used for base layers and tulle or taffeta for the floating effect. The cut is ideal for slender or pear shaped bodies, but you might want to add a corset or slimming garment below, ensuring that your figure is a perfect hourglass. Don’t choose it if you have a small frame.


Sexy, sophisticated, the silhouette of these gowns contours the body from chest to the knee and then, goes ahead to flare out. The different versions ensure that short and tall girls can wear it without a hassle. It is recommended for you if you are confident about your curves and can wear it off perfectly. Even if you have a bit of a bulge here and there, you can try mermaid gowns and get a fitting corset underneath.

Other factors to consider

You might want to consider other factors, such as the neckline, detailing and colours of the gown before making a decision. Sweet-heart neckline looks great on almost everyone. But if you are going for a mermaid gown or an A-Line, experiment with deep V-cuts and plunging necklines. Ball gowns should have appropriate detailing for the fairy tale effect. To get more information visit: