It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas once again as everyone gets busy gathering around the clothing shops to observe the trends that are hitting up real soon. Guess everyone is always excited to check out ‘what’s new’ so before the year ends, fashion enthusiasts would start creating new sets of style that can inspire the others about something to wear the next few months or should I say in 2019. Mode of fashion may vary according to any of the temperate seasons a certain country is experiencing. And since we all want to shop ahead of the season, we give you five ideal streetwears that will rock your spring and summer walks.


Brace yourselves with revealing chests, chests, and a lot more chests as the bare chest madness is beginning to fill the street ways today. So boys, you can throw away your old-school undershirts because suits can totally work alone. The streetwear style sets a limelight to your muscular abs and chest, urging all babes to turn their heads on you. Best styled with monochrome and matching patterns for top and bottom but you can also play with contrary colors. Also, the scheme can work well if you keep the lower end buttoned.


Another statement men should be adding  on their wish list is the strappy slip-on sandals that will mark every step of the way this coming summer. The sandals will surely give your feet the lasting comfort as you walk along the pavements of the city. This item is best worn with any pants or shorts.   


Passed by a guy who was wearing a belt bag around his body with the fanny pack on his chest. Thought it was little weird without realizing fashion experts have discovered a different way to wear belt bags and it’s getting in trend these days. They believe it’s an additional item that completely portrays the total #DADLOOK. These styles trends has been a statement in the past couple of years and will continue to inspire men this 2019.


Men must kiss goodbye to skinny jeans for sultry short shorts are going to steal the spotlight this summer. Over 20  years ago when short shorts became a mainstream for men. And new fashion icons are thinking of taking it back to remove extra layers of clothing as the summer season may become a little hotter than ever before. So it’s time for your legs to shine and don’t skip a single show-off leg day this summer with the returning sultry short shorts!


Last item to put on the list is one of the timeless trendsetters everyone must know. At Number 1, plains and prints is taking another spot on your fashion wish lists. Printed double top is always making a match with plain pants. But this time the plains and prints will be working together with the iconic Dad Sneakers.

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The #DADSNEAKERS is known for how a typical Daddy wears his shoes like matching plain or patterned socks with a pair of over-sized sneakers shoes. Who would have thought that this could be an ugly-turned-trendy style for men and women? Taking a look on celebrities’ Instagram accounts, you would notice how local and Hollywood stars are getting obsessed with chunky sneakers like FILA Disruptor and the priceless Louis Vuitton Arch light Sneakers. So don’t be the last one to have these items on your list to bring out the stylish man in you starting this year.