Many brides spend just way too much time on their wedding dress. They are so focussed on finding the best bridal wedding gowns, that they forget about their accessories, like shoes and jewellery. And suddenly, when the wedding day draws near, they realize about it, only to find worst possible selections for their wedding outfit, marring their entire ensemble. But you should be doing that. Try wedding jewellery tips to look graceful and royal on your wedding day.

Go for Drop Earrings

Irrespective of how detailed or unconventional your gown is, you can always go for drop earrings to suit that. Drop earrings in oval shape, with diamond studs is a perfect choice for a bride. Such earrings dazzle instantly and they add such sophistication to the ensemble.

Get a Tiara

Wedding jewellery in world or for that matter anywhere else is incomplete without a tiara. You deserve to look like a princess, or better, even a queen on your wedding day. That’s the reason why you should get a tiara for your wedding! Go for silver, white gold or diamond tiara based on your budget. If you have a ball gown or a heavy dress, go for a hairband styled tiara. Otherwise, be all creative with large, crown like tiaras.

A Waistband

A waistband adds perfection to bridal wedding gowns in Singapore. Of course, you will have to purchase them or get them designed along with your wedding outfit. Waistbands can accentuate your waistline and give you a more hourglass figure. So, others will be raving about you on your special day!

Don’t Upstage the Dress

While jewellery is essential a pivotal part of your wedding ensemble, you shouldn’t make it the most important part of it. Make sure that the jewellery is light, especially when you are wearing sheer over the gown or have a ball gown. Since wedding gowns are heavy and detailed, go for delicate and light jewellery, especially for the necklace.

Don’t buy accessories before the dress

Just because that necklace looks adorable doesn’t mean that you should purchase, especially not before you buy the outfit. Otherwise, you might have to adjust to a simpler or an unlikable outfit because the one you actually liked didn’t match with your accessories.

Consider Colour

Silver and gold, even amethyst and sapphire look absolutely stunning with white wedding gowns. So, you might want to consider adding some colour. Go with something that suits your skin tone and can add a contrast to the wedding outfit. For example, green and blue are two colours that look ethereal with a wedding dress.

Less is more

Remember that mantra! Simple tiara, modern necklace and minimalistic bracelet can go a long way than gaudy and stark accessories. So, don’t go mad with accessories. Just follow these simple tips and you will look elegant, ecstatic and enigmatic on your wedding day!