A picture speaks a thousand words. If you want to preserve a moment in your child’s life, then having a photo shoot is the best thing to do. For this, you need to choose the right outfit for your child. Your child needs to look good. And the photograph must be something that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. If you are not sure what clothes to buy for your kid then here are some outfit ideas for your kid’s photo shoot.

  •  The layered look

One of the best things that you can do to make kids photo shoot interesting is to use the power of layering. Layering is particularly important if you are working with a neutral or soft colour palette. Having different layers of clothing can add another dimension to the overall look and feel of the photo. Layering is also important if you are planning to have black and white images. A monotone colour pattern can be boring. Of course, it is not advisable to just bury kids with clothes. Layering is an art. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that all of the clothes in the layers must fit kids well. Avoid clothes that are too loose and too tight.

  • Choose the right footwear

Footwear is often neglected during photo shoots. Shoes are important in children photography. What parents should know is that a bad pair of shoes can easily ruin what is otherwise a good photograph. If you have spent a lot of time and money picking out the best outfit for your kids, then you should also do the same for their footwear.

As a general rule, you should avoid letting kids wear sneakers. Unless of course, the photo shoot’s theme is sports or outdoor activities. For girls, a nice pair of boots or ballet flats can tie a look together and can make an outfit look complete. Boots work well for boys too or a cute pair of boat shoes if you can find one. Having kids wear bright coloured shoes is a good idea especially if the outfit is mostly white or neutral colours. Now that you know what shoes to wear, it’s time for you to know how to wear them. If you want the shoes to get noticed, then you should avoid sitting positions in a photo shoot. Poses that show the bottom of shoes is also not advised.

  • You can never go wrong with white

You can never go wrong with white as a colour of choice for a photo shoot especially if the shoot involves a baby or toddler. A white outfit draws the attention of the viewer to the face of the subject. The clean, crisp, and natural look of a white outfit are also perfect for a photo shoot. Outfits with prints and cartoon characters are cute but the problem with such outfits is that prints and characters can compete with kids for being the center of attention. White is clean. White is safe. If you are having a difficult time choosing an outfit for kids amidst the presence of thousands of options, just go with a plain white outfit. And if you are in a rush to get an outfit for an emergency photo shoot then just pick out simple white clothes that fit well.

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  • Colors are OK but…

This does not mean though that you cannot dress your child in colourful clothes. If you must choose a colourful outfit then there are some rules that you need to know. One of the things that you can do is to simply select two to three colours that you can focus on. When it comes to colours, the more is not necessarily better. Leave the rainbow to mother nature. Again, the focus should be on your child who is the subject of the photo shoot.

When you choose a colour though, you don’t really need to dress kids with that colour from head to toe. The best thing to do is to use the colours as accents. Just sprinkle those colours throughout the kids’ outfit. This way, the colours will not compete with the subject for attention. Having a sprinkle of colours is also more pleasing to the eye than having an outfit that is dominated by one or two outfits. There must be colour consistency but the subject does not have to be drenched in colours.

  • Choose clothes that go well with the location

You should choose clothes that will look good with the environment or the set up of the photo shoot. This is an important rule in children photography that you should keep in mind. If the shoot is in a field, for example, then you should choose clothes that should look appropriate for the place like a fancy dress for girls or a cute plaid shirt for boys. If the set up would be in a studio then you have more freedom in choosing the style of clothes you want. If the photo shoot will be in an urban setting then choosing vintage clothes might seem out of place.

It would be better to choose clothes with a more contemporary style like simple jeans and shirt combo for boys or a more contemporary looking dress for girls. You should keep in mind that to have a good photograph the composition must be right. The subject and background must look good together. If something is out of place then people seeing the photo will be able to sense it. The subject must not be overwhelmed by the background or he/she shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb either.

  • Choose comfortable clothes

If kids are not comfortable with the clothes, they are wearing it will show on their faces. And you do not want that to be captured in pictures. That is why you need to get clothes that feel comfortable. You don’t want them to be scratching and pulling the whole time during the photo shoot. It is understandable that you want the photo shoot to be special but getting them to wear clothes that are out of this world will only result in bad pictures.

So, buy kids clothes that they are comfortable in and soft to feel. You should also get their input on the clothes they will wear for the photo shoot. Ask them what they want to wear but at the same time – if kids are old enough to understand – let them know the importance of the photo shoot. When you ask for their inputs, you will let their beautiful personalities shine through in the photo shoot. There is a better chance that you will see a happy child in front of the camera than an unhappy one.

  • Timeless outfits are the best

Do not dress your kids in clothes that would look laughable a few years from now. Dressing your kid according to the latest trends is fun. You should go in for a photo shoot that would look good even after your kid becomes an adult. Your best bet is always to go for the timeless classic look. Clothes with classic shapes and neutral colours that are vintage in look do not seem to go out of style.

You can also choose bright and colourful clothes as long as they do not become a distraction from the subject’s face or personality. When it comes to fit, you should choose clothes that are not too tight and not too loose either. Clothes that fit well do not go out of style. For boys, for example, it would be better to get them pants or jeans with a straight cut rather than those trendy skin fitted jeans. 

  • Choose clothes that allow kids to move

Little ones love to run and jump around. A photo shoot will not change that behaviour. On the contrary, a photo shoot may excite them and in turn, can lead them to jump and run even more. You need to consider this behaviour when you get clothes for them for the photoshoot. You need to get clothes that will not restrict their movement else they will get more frustrated.

A frustrated child in a photoshoot is something that you will not like even more. You’d rather have a child that is running and jumping. You can also capture that energy in the photoshoot. So, you should never restrict it. You should get twirly and whirly dresses for girls for example which will look good in photos provided that you will be able to catch your kid dancing and spinning in it. For boys, you could give them a scarf or you can play along with their superhero fantasies by getting them their own cape.

  • Clothes that complement each other is a good idea

You know how corny it looks when everything someone wears is matchy-matchy? That is not what we are after. You want your kid to look good and not funny in photos. You should actually do everything within your power to make sure that your kid will look good in all the photos. The two words that you should remember are coordinate and complement. For pieces to complement each other, they do not need to look exactly alike.

The best thing that you can do is to pick a basic colour palette and then start from there. You can never go wrong with clothes that have a neutral colour. Clothes with different shades of the same colour palette also work. You should also know that soft tones look good together. It also pays to be bold. Do not be afraid to break the rules unless you want to have a boring photo shoot. Conventional wisdom says that patterns do not go well with plain colours but as long as they do not clash it should be OK.

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  • Don’t forget the accessories

Do not forget to add accessories to your child’s wardrobe. It is the little things that count and spell the difference between a so-so outfit from one that would get the attention of people. What accessories actually do is that they complete a look. Without them, you would feel that an outfit is missing something. If you have a girl, then you should experiment with hats, scarves, flowers, jackets, vests, etc. For boys, you can go for caps, jackets, belts, shades, etc. Follow the rule regarding complementing pieces above. If you are having multiple photo sessions then changing accessories is the easiest way to change your child’s look without having to change outfits. The subject can also interact with accessories to create a more interesting pose.

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Your kid can hold the edge of a hat for example or he/she can put a jacket over her shoulder. The accessories do not need to match your kid’s outfit. But they do need to complement it so they should not stick out like a sore thumb. Another rule that you should follow when it comes to accessorizing is that you should not overdo it. The accessories should not overwhelm your child and his or her outfit. The viewers should notice your child first.

  • Tips for a toddler’s outfit

When you are dressing up a toddler for a photo shoot, then you should consider your toddler’s personality when choosing a toddler’s outfit. As a general rule for a toddler’s outfit, you should avoid outfits with bold prints. Prints can go in and out of style. The best kind of outfits is those that can stand the test of time. To have a timeless look for your child, you need to choose toddler’s outfits that have solid or neutral colours.

If you have prints, then choose delicate ones. If you want to have variety, then what you can do is to add textures to the outfit. For example, you can add a knit sweater or a dress with lace details to the outfit. Avoid choosing outfits that will compete with the child’s beauty. May these portrait ideas inspire you to dress your child well for his/her next photo shoot. These kids’ photo shoot ideas will ensure that your child will look good in all pictures.