A wallet with multiple pockets for ID cards, keys and essentials could be categorised as one of the most essential accessories for women. Consider instances such as travelling and shopping, when your wallet plays a significant role.  Since your wallet is your safe-house for essentials, you need to be very specific about its size, pockets, layers, and space while buying it. In this post, we’ll give few suggestions that would come handy before you go shopping in a designer wallet sale.

Which Wallet Are You – If you are a corporate woman whotravels frequently and prefers being organized with your things, you might find passport wallet and card holder wallet to be ideal. However, if you usually find yourself juggling with your hand held things, a larger everyday wallet with more space for your mobile, keys, cash and coins would be a more appropriate choice.

Go the Colour Way – Colours reflect your personality. It has also been proven that colors have an impact on your mood. Hence, it goes without saying that the wallet, an accessory that you carry mostly, should be in 3-4 color pallets in your wardrobe. Choose the neutral colored wallets for professional attire, keep couple of bright shades to cheer you up on a gloomy Monday and a metallic shade to compliment your evening dress.

Do not forget about Safety – Since your wallet is full of essentials, you have to be cautious about the closure style and quality of the clips or zippers used in the design. If you carry items that are smaller in size, fully zippered wallets would be a safe bet. In other cases, you can go with magnetic clip closures as well.

Think about material – Wallets come in various materials depending on the season, strength and texture. You would prefer carrying suedettes or velvets during winters while metallics would feel better in summers. Preferably, the material used should be either PU or leather as they are durable and do not tear off easily.

Undoubtedly, wallet is an extremely useful accessory and goes a long way in completing your attire. Purchasing wallets suiting each of the above needs would prepare you for any occasion.

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