Weddings are one of the memorable days of your life and you would do anything to make it perfect. But, it requires quite a lot of effort. You plan for a long period of time along with your respective friends and family members to make it happen.

Theme wedding is the new concept that people are following. And one of the themes is nature inspired weddings. So if you love nature and the venue for your wedding is somewhere in the midst of nature, then you can probably pick up everything that is related to nature. From your dress, cake, to jewelry, everything can be all about nature.

Nature inspired jewelry dates back to the Georgian and Victorian era, and thus, in no manner is it a new trend. Whether you wish to wear a neck piece that has animal print on it or your ring has an intricate flowery design, you have a wide range of nature inspired jewelry available in the market. Every piece definitely has a very different story to tell.


This article will essentially concentrate on giving you tips on nature inspired jewelry in nature inspired weddings.

• When choosing neck-pieces, earrings and bracelets for your wedding, you must check for floral patterns which will give a charming look. Neck-pieces and earrings with pearl or crystal will look elegant.
• If you are not comfortable with floral designs, you may look for pieces inspired from leaves and vines. There are an umpteen number of dazzling neck-pieces, patterns of slender branches with leaves and pearl accents are quite a sight. But it’s not necessary that you have to look blossoming always.
• Apart from floral and leafy designs, you can very well choose from a wide range of stones and pebbles. There are organic shapes like the ones in nature that represent environmental elements.
• Another option of giving your wedding jewelry a nature touch is by choosing accessories that include earthy materials such as wooden beads, semi-precious stones and pearls.
• For a more nature inspired look, you can incorporate bridal jewelry with organic shapes.
• Apart from jewelry, there are accessories that will definitely help you achieve a refined nature-inspired look. Wedding headbands are one of them. These can be inspired by branches, crystals, or pearls.
• Shoes and clutches add to the most beautiful day of your life. You can clutches made with silk with pearl embellishments or reflecting garden blossoms.

The above were a few tips on how to add nature elements to your wedding. These elements have been passed down the generations from as old as the Georgian age.

They are sure to make your wedding a memorable one.