India has produced many enormously talented fashion designers who simply blend the respect for our traditions with forward-thinking aesthetics. Here is the list of top 5 passionate fashion designers based in Delhi:

  1. Divyam Mehta

An alumni of PAF (affiliated with Nottingham Trent University Of London), Divyam Mehta received the award for the ‘Most Avant-Garde Designer’ when he graduated in 2004 and went on to garner a degree in fashion marketing from the prestigious London College of Fashion.

In the year 2006 he established his design studio, ‘HOTU HOME’. With a handful of artisans, he created exquisite textiles and textures for his first collection of contemporary occasion-wear for men, in collaboration with ‘HERITAGE’.

Collection: THE BLACK MONK

Divyam Mehta - FBB Fashion

Style Tip: Go for clothes that have embroidery, gold, and bling which is fun. For the festive season, opt for colors like maroons, olives, and duller reds.

  1. Swati Mehrotra

Swati Mehrotra has started her career working with the A list Designers from WIFW in 2009, Swati runs a shoe making Academy in Tihar Jail teaching the inmates the art of shoe making with an urge to society to accept them back as no one is born a criminal. Her brand even earned visibility in Cannes with award winning recycled tyre shoes, Swati Modo won best footwear designer Award from HOP, IFFD, and IIFT and has been the Brand ambassador for Ghaziabad city. Swati also teaches students of fashion colleges and is on board with Marwah fashion school. Her works for giving back to society can not be ignored; from teaching the inmates of Tihar jail the art of shoemaking to supporting women upliftment and she recently supported the Acid Attack Survivors – a society run by Lakshmi Saa – and won #100women award by the President of India.”

Collection: Swati Modo

Swati Modo, as a brand, has been delivering craftsmanship and innovative ideas to custom made designer shoes. An ingenious and charismatic shoe designer with an impeccable eye for detail, Swati Mehrotra crafts each piece to appeal to fashion aficionados everywhere. Swati believes in peculiar craftsmanship, so sticks to the basics of the art of making handmade shoes. Bringing out a woman of substance yet a woman with the heart of a kid – every creation, every design, every color, every style is unique. The shoes are an expression for those with a passion for individuality.

Swati Modo - FBB Fashion

Style Tip: Grab all neons belts, pumps and neck pieces for the coming season. Pair them up with subtle colors.

  1. Pia Pauro

Pia Pauro, a nomad herself, has spent most of her life living all around the world. A graduate from the prestigious London College of Fashion, in addition to working in London with various high street brands, Pia has now established her label ‘Pia Pauro’. She has an impeccable sense of design and this is reflected in her unpredictable personal style, wardrobe, and personality.

The Pia Pauro Label displays a multitude of moods. The inspiration is the boundless aesthetics that this universe has to offer in the realm of art & culture, architecture, music, and spirituality.

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Pia Pauro - FBB Fashion

Style Tip: The military trend is popular this season. Wear colors like purple and black as they embody elegance.

  1. Mira Gulati

Mira Gulati’s international experience and exposure, as well as her deep appreciation for the rich design heritage of her native India, have given her pioneer status in the exciting design revolution we are currently witnessing – a revolution that sees Indian jewelry come of age and east and west seek inspiration, each from the other.

Mirari’s founder and lead designer, Mira Gulati, trained in the US as a gemologist and jewelry designer and has created the Mirari brand to satisfy India’s growing demand for luxury jewelry with a contemporary edge, as well as the international market’s craving for aesthetic, incredible Indian treasures.

Mira Gulati - FBB Fashion

Style Tip: Briolette is great for special occasions. It works really well in earrings as well as pendants.

  1. Payal Jain

Payal’s journey in the fascinating world of couture has a humble beginning from the by lanes of Delhi, where she grew up in a childhood steeped profusely in art, culture, and music. The years of intensive hard work cumulated when she graduated summa-cum-laude in 1993 from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, California and returned home to start a career in fashion.

While maintaining a great understanding of international trends and haute couture Payal also has a great client base in the corporate design space where she combines functionality with style to create uniforms for prestigious hotels, hospitals and schools across the globe. Contemporary fashion design in a corporate environment is all about creating synergies and having an innate understanding of design which works practically.? Her vast international clientele is a testimony to the quality of her work and style, to name a few hospitality groups such as Hyatt, Four Seasons, Shangrila, Aman Resorts, Leela, Radisson etc.

Payal Jain - FBB Fashion

Style Tip: Don’t be a fashion follower, create your own fashion statement.