With the ever evolving fashion industry, the only thing that is constant and will remain so is CHANGE. With college season approaching, a lot of teens are looking for the wardrobe change. It is a tough deed to keep up with trends. No one wants to commit fashion blasphemyon their first day to college. Sure, dresses are comfortable but monotony has to break. The perfect solution for this dilemma, Tops. But, tops has a long list of options in various trends and a small life span; Quite unfair, isn’t it? Here, we bring you the must-have list of trendy and chic tops. Get your hands on them and get those heads turning.

1) Cold Shoulder Tops
A middle road between sleeves and sleeveless is cold shoulder. With amazing patterns from classy and elegant to chic and casual, these tops provide a bunch of choices. Some of the trendy styles in cold shoulder tops is : frills, floral, stripes, prints, crop top and choker style. Not only western, but cold shoulder has made its way in Indian attires. Kurtis are getting oomph by strappy cold shoulder.

Cold Shoulder Tops

2) Crop Tops
None of the trends have made a comeback as strong as crop tops. These precious darlings give you effortlessly sexy look. These got a wide collection ranging from prints such as camo, stripes, block and geometric and in patterns, you name it and you got it: off shoulder, ruffles, fringes, one shoulder and knotted. Ethnic designs in crop tops make a classy combination with sarees, palazzo and long skirts and are perfect and trendy ladies tops.

Crop Tops

3) Halter Necks
Halter necks are known to look great on women with heavy bust. But thanks to changing trends, these are loved by all wardrobes. Diverting attention from curves and focusing all on sculpted shoulders, these are perfect fit. Many women opt for solid halter tops and avoid patterns. But trendy halters have got sheer patterns, cut outs, tribal prints, fringes, crochet and lace. Be it fun day out with friends or business meeting, halter neck are sure to make a statement.

Halter Deep V Neck

4) Peplum
Peplums are sure to give you a cute and trendy look. Pair peplums with fitted jeans. Palazzos and baggy jeans do nothing but make your figure look distorted when paired with peplum. These tops enhance curves and also hide tummy, but make sure to choose right size and flares; wrong ones give you unappealing look. Peplum dresses embraces curves and make a perfect formal outfit with a belt and classy heels.

Peplum Tops

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5) Off-Shoulder Tops
It is undeniably the best trendy ladies tops of the year. Curvy or slim, every girl can rock an off shoulder top. Stripes, plaid, checks and floral look chic and subtle. Ruffle and solid off shoulders will get you looking glam for parties.

Off-Shoulder Tops