It is probably unthinkable to imagine a complete wardrobe sans any jewelry. Especially for women, there is sure to be a piece or two gracing the wardrobe, given the sheer range of things available in the market. There are so many designs, hues, and textures available that one can opt for unique style statements at all times. Be it precious stones, junk metal or even other more unusual materials, one can possess jewelry of a number of kinds. Jewelry makers are looking for more and more inspiring ideas to create unique and glamorous stuff.

One of the most novel trends in this business is to create eco-friendly jewelry that is inspired by nature. Nature, as a canvas, offers endless potential in terms of designs and colors. There is no saying when one finds a unique texture or design to incorporate in jewelry and create a style statement that is unparalleled.

This kind of jewelry can both be used for a night of glitter, glamor and cocktails or for an earthier, pastel touch for casual events and regular wear. It also allows the chance for one to be eccentric, quirky and think out of the box.

Let us look at some of the types of nature inspired jewelry that are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe:

Basic: The most common kind of trend in this genre, this is jewelry that literally comes in the shape of natural objects like leaves, stars, flowers etc. With these, you can never go wrong in your approach. They suit everyone and lend a graceful and delicate aura to the ensemble. One can also create these designs in an eco- friendly manner so that not only is the jewelry nature inspired but remains true to nature.

Symbolic: This is the most unusual trend. It relies on making jewelry that incorporates components from nature but not literally. Instead, it denotes or symbolizes a natural phenomenon, setting etc. for instance, a necklace comprising stars with a dark background represents a starry night, or earrings that have flame-like structures erupting form them can denote fire and so on and so forth.

Chaotic: At best, nature is a place of chaos and randomness. It provides wonderful ideas of asymmetry that can be incorporated into jewelry designs. Throwing together random designs that don’t necessarily go with each other is a great way to up your style factor. For instance, a bracelet with odd shaped pendants and earrings paired together are a great way to explore this kind of jewelry.

Eccentric: Last, but not the least, nature inspired jewelry allows you to give free reign to your quirk factor and revel in those eccentric ideas that people are usually afraid to explore. For instance, one can take scraps of wood and carve out amorphous designs and use the same as earrings. Similarly, old newspapers can be used to create Paper Mache jewelry that can be painted or covered in threads of various colors. On can create pendants, earrings, and even anklets out of that.

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